Radon is a naturally occurring gas released into the atmosphere from uranium in the soil. It can also be found in water, particularly when drawn from wells. Radon can be detected just about anywhere and poses no known danger in small concentrations. However, prolonged exposure to higher concentrations is linked to cancer. It’s important to identify whether the quality of the air in your home poses such a threat.

If elevated levels of radon are detected, there are several effective abatement options available from various qualified companies.

A sampling of the air is conducted throughout every inspection, which typically will be at least four hours. An accurate level is measured during that time. However, given the natural fluctuation of the radon level from hour to hour, a test is not considered to be official and binding in a real estate transaction unless the test is conducted for at least 2 days.

Therefore, if a high level is detected at the end of the sampling period on the day of the inspection, it would be highly recommended to conduct a full 2-day test.

If a full 2-day test is desired, the radon equipment will be left on-site and closed-door conditions will need to be maintained.

The cost of the 2-day test, which includes a detailed radon report, is $100.


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